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Pandemic Responsibility and Compliance

St. John will be closed for the near future.  No Sunday services or Wednesday Lenten services will be held in the building.  The Compassion Center is closed.  All activities and uses of the building are suspended.  We'll periodically reassess the situation and provide updates.

Morning Worship and Message for March 29 can be linked here:


Music for the service can be linked below:

Let Your Light Shine – Slugs and Bugs: 
Rock of Ages – Hymn:
Might to Save – Laura Story:
Shine Jesus Shine:



Registered RightNow Media

Registered St. John users can access any of our recorded worship services and selected music videos by going to and then selecting St. John Lutheran Church from the "Libraries" menu.  All videos are in the "Service Videos" folder.  Users must be registered to log in.


 Brighten...The Light Update

BrightenDue to the current pandemic, Brighten...The Light services and events have been postponed, including the 10am Commitment Service scheduled for March 29th.  At the end of March, the situation will be reassessed and events will be rescheduled.



                             Sunday School - 10am to 10:45am

                                                                  September to May
Sunday School at St. John includes high energy songs and creative lessons.  Sunday School starts at 10am, classes are broken down by age, and meet in designated classrooms.    










Marketing Presentation

Ribbon cuttingThe Marketing Team at St. John Lutheran Church on Mt. Rose recently presented plans for the future use of the church's building and facilities, followed by a ribbon cutting ceremony.  The church facility, which had housed a school, includes classrooms, a gym, and outside sports fields.  These areas are now available for the community to use in conjunction with the policies and procedures established by the Marketing Team.  The church has also opened a Compassion Center, in partnership with the Lutheran Mission Society, which will assist those in need in the community.  For more info visit Church Building Usage.

                                          2020 Bible Reading Plan
BibleSt. John believes that Bible Reading is important, nourishes, and that God’s Word always has effect.  To encourage people to read their Bibles, LCMS has an online Bible Reading Plan for 2020.  Missing a day or two, or even a week, does not mean failure - the idea is to keep reading, as time permits.

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